Caprari winery was founded by Pellegrino Caprari in the 1921 in the little hilly village of Montalto, in the province of Reggio Emilia. Pellegrino Caprari used to produce Lambrusco with many types of grapes Of that hilly area, rare varieties which has been forgotten for many years but that nowadays has been rediscovered again. After the second world war, his son Giuseppe moved the company in the new area, close to the town of Reggio Emilia. He increased the production but mantained the same quality that only a family company can provide. Today our wines, as it was at the beginning, are reserved for demanding customers, especially restaurants, wine shops and specialized food shops.


     The province of Reggio Emilia thanks to its soils which range from sandy clay to limestone clay with gravel, is what lambrusco wines need to develop their main characteristics we all know. Our sparkling and spumante wines are obtained from vineyards with medium to high productions which give deep scent, good acidity, body and colors that range from pink to intense ruby red, according to the base of the vineyard and vinification method used. The most frequently employed vineyards for our lambrusco wines are: salamino, montericco, grasparossa, sorbara, maestri together with ancellotta, which is the true richness of our area.






Bollino Rosso






Spumante Brut

Spumante Rosè

Franciacorta Doc "Sete"

Prosecco Doc "Col dei Fiori"